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We supply brands like Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, Fujitsu Atlantic and Toshiba where every project find its perfect equipement, from residential to educational, office spaces and commercial structures.

We listen and take care of your needs


We guide our clients through every step of the acquiring process, from which equipement to choose, to what design and power it best suits the project's needs.


Regardless of the project type or size, we'll formulate and deliver adequate solutions.


Our goal is satisfying our clientèle by extending affordable, high quality and professional services and equipements for your next project.


We'll provide custom maintenance agreement to meet your unique needs from preventive maintenance to clening needs

VRF systems

Relying on a single outdoor condensing unit, VRF systems distribute a reliable stream of cool or hot air throughout a series of indoor units. These systems can use either two or three pipes to perform the task and ensure both cooling and heating if required.

VRF systems deliver efficient heating and cooling throughout every room in the structure. Zones make it easy for you to control the temperature in each room. This helps maintain the perfect level of comfort while maintaining energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness.  Further, because of the system design, it is easy to maintain and perform repairs, which means that when problems occur, they can be quickly addressed and corrected.

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